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Ciriopagopus albostriatus (Ratchaburi) former Haplopelma albostriatum / Thai zebra


1/2" spiderlings

This beautiful deep burrowing species comes from the tropical rainforests of Thailand. Like all Haplopelma species they prefer to be kept on the humid side and require moist substrate to thrive. They are considered a fossorial species, meaning they prefer to spend their time underground. If given enough substrate they will make elaborate burrows in captivity.  Like all Haplopelma species they are considered aggressive/defensive and will defend their burrows. However, the albostriatum is considered one of the calmer species in the genus and highly recommended for someone looking for their first Haplopelma. This is is a very beautiful species with unique white vertical striping on the legs, which contrasts nicely with a greencolor on the carapace and abdomen. Unique species, not commonly offered, reaching 5".

Photo by Tom Patterson

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