All Tarantulas and Scorpions are venomous!! Most, fortunately, are no more significant than a bee sting. Some genera to be concerned with are Poecilotheria, Stromatopelma, Androctonus, Buthus, Lieurus, and usually any spider sold as Birdeater or Baboon Spider. Further, nearly all New World species have the capability to flick urticating (itchy) hairs, keep away from eyes and nose. Some people may prove allergic to these hairs. We wish to inform you of this not to scare you, but, to educate you further. Also, very few species will allow themselves to be handled, seek expert advice. Lastly, Purchaser assumes all responsibility for their new acquisition. Thank You,


Pre-Order  your Tarantulas, feeders and supplies 'For Pick Up'

by emailing:

Ordered items will be confirmed and delivered to the Manchester, NH, White Plains, NY, Long Island, NY or Hamburg PA Herp Show for pick-up. 

Please specify which show and what date.


All show sales are final. You have picked out and inspected your animal personally, and decided to make a purchase based on the overall apparent health of the specimen(s) you have picked out. We will not be responsible for accidentally dropped animals or overheated / frozen animals left in your car.



Please contact me if you placed an order so we can arrange shipping dates,

keeping in mind I will ship only if the weather permit, my animals are very precious to me and I put their well being before everyone's needs.

Please understand it and thank you for your patience and flexibility 

NETBUG reserve right to delay shipments due to extreme temperatures and severe weather conditions (if temperature fall below 27 or exceed 90)

Shipping Monday trough Wednesday only

Important: orders will be shipped only to the address provided with paypal transaction

A signature is always required up on delivery, you must be available to sign for your order on the first delivery attempt or your guarantee of live arrival is void.

Contact phone number must be provided


List of tarantulas/products that you order, include quantities * *only for pre-orders for shows**

Method of shipping and Shipping cost :

overnight flat nonrefundable fee of $45.00 (with Live arrival guarantee) or

2 day service $25.00 ( this service recommended for supply's, No guarantee live arrival on any animals)

 Please note: US sales ONLY

Please note, tracking information will be always sent to buyer with email, Please provide correct email for your order. (with out correct contact info we wont be able to get in touch with you)

All live shipments require signature and will be held at nearest FedEx location for pick up at your convenience, unless you will be available to receive and sign up on delivery at the delivery address, please let me know and it will be delivered to you.

Buyer responsibility to follow up on orders and pick up their orders that been 'Held for pick up' timely.

In case of any carrier delays, contact me first and ASAP, so we can track and resolve any issues.

In case of any carrier delays, cannot guarantee on time arrival, it is out of my hands,

but I will still cover carrier delay for live arrival of your shipment


Payments must be received before order is shipped! no exceptions.

Payments accepted via Credit cards, Postal Money Order/ bank checks and PayPal.

No personal checks please.


In event of a problem or DOA (Dead on Arrival)

1. In event  of a problem or DOA (Dead On Arrival) All claims must be made the same day the animals arrived via email.

2. Receiver must notify NETBUG ASAP after receiving package (signed up on delivery) I do not replace any animals weeks or months after they been in customer possession. 

3. For All DOA photographic evidence is required. Also deceased animals must be available to returned if requested. NETBUG reserve rights to request DOA return, DOA must be placed in alcohol, sealed and sent back for replacement or credit, otherwise no replacement or credit will be given.

4. All replacements will be shipped when an additional order is placed or additional shipping paid.

5. NETBUG not liable for packages with DOA's if attempt delivery failed. 

Exposure to heat or freezing temperatures is critical for live animals.