My Dear customers, I would like to thank you! I highly value your business and even more, your support with my captive breeding efforts!

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Quotes When my 3-year-old daughter told me she wanted a "BIG, cute, fuzzy pet spider" I was not sure where to turn to. I also didn't know which breed was specifically wanted or what would fit our daughter's needs. After a quick Google search, I found Anastasia's website and knew I had come to the right place. She was BEYOND helpful, answering all my emails (and there were many), and she also made sound and perfect recommendations as to which types of tarantulas would be a good fit. Our two tarantulas arrived today (female AZ Blonde and a GP sling) and they are so lovely! The AZ Blonde is incredibly sweet and very calm, and the GP sling is just precious and not at all timid or shy. I cannot wait to order more tarantulas from her in the near future!! Anastasia has found a life-long customer in me and I highly recommend her!! Quotes
Sarah Beth
new tarantula owner

Quotes Getting back in the hobby again (been far too long).First time Buying from Anastasia and goodness am I pleased. Bought some Megatheloides, Aussie Goliath, and P. Regalis. All arrived in exceptional health. She contacted me personally which I appreciate and even threw in some P.Irmina slings as freebies (Right on!. She was very informative on care requirements and gave me the expected arrival date (along with tracking#) I wouldn't hesitate to buy from her again. Thanks Anastasia Zachary Quotes

Quotes I've now purchased one GBB sling and one juvie femaile P. sazimai from Anastasia and both experiences were great. Excellent communication, very willing to give pointers and help. and top notch packing. She obviously cares very much about the hobby and her tarantulas. Will definitely buy from her again in the future! Quotes

Quotes If I had to pick a word to describe how my new T was packaged, it would be..."lovingly"?! I order fish online occasionally for my pond--and if you aren't aware, fish are an ART to pack and ship--and I've never had a package come in that was so cushy. I could've crawled in there myself. My new A.chalcodes is beautiful, sweet, and fat. I have zero complaints. Great communication, great shipping, great spideys. Definitely coming back. Quotes
Rachel Allison
Eight thumbs up!

Quotes Very pleased with my new trantula Anastasia was very nice and polite answered any questions I had right away and left the door open to me if I ever need help with my trantula I would definitely be ordering from her again just want say thanks again... Quotes

Quotes You could not ask for a better dealer/breeder to buy from. Absolutely wonderful service; very professional without being too impersonal. Anastasia is very nice and will help you with any concern you may have, resolving the issue or providing an alternative solution. You won't need to worry about your new animal's packing job, either. All in all, Anastasia is one of my top Go-To's for my hobby Quotes
Very fond of this person

Quotes I have placed several orders with Ana over the past couple years and not once have I ever had an issue. My orders are always delivered on time and fast! It doesn't matter if it the dead of winter (cold!) - My slings have always arrived very well packed, warm and super healthy! I have never lost a sling, juvenile or adult - ever! Ana is definitely a solid choice and my preferred vendor. I can't wait to place my next order! Quotes
Candy Williams
Happy Customer

Quotes Met Anastasia at the expo in Manchester, NH. I've only snakes but she was very informative in helping me find a good beginner species and how to provide the best care for it. great business Quotes
Marc. A

Quotes I ordered a few tarantulas from Net-Bug, and, let me tell you, I was not disappointed! After years of working with a different breeder, I was hesitant to order tarantulas from anywhere else, but Anastasia was easy to work with and immediately addressed my shipping error (which was my fault), and she worked with me every step of the way. The tarantulas that came in were healthy, beautiful, and immediately fed! I am so glad there is another tarantula breeder I can trust. I will definitely order from here again. Quotes

Quotes purchased a female p.irminia at a show. and just received a female b. smithi in the mail.. both are healthy as can be, package arived well protected from the colder temps, and the T was packed tight. looking at the inventory to buy my next one now. thank you again!!! -chas very satisfied customer Quotes
chas lessig
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