My Dear customers, I would like to thank you! I highly value your business and even more, your support with my captive breeding efforts!

Please, if you like to share with your experience, I would greatly appreciate it.

Quotes Anastasia Haroldsen dedicates her life to Tarantulas!! She's respected everywhere for breeding the most and some of the hardest species of tarantulas, resulting in the hardiest, spiderlings i have ever seen!!! All her tarantulas are perfect specimens, always Brilliantly colored and happy as can be!! I'm honored to have one of Anastasia's female Poecilotheria metallica that i got for my birthday at the New England Reptile Expo. She also hooked me up with some free spiderlings 2 Venezuelan Suntigers, 1 of the biggest baby O.B.Ts i have ever seen and the cutest Arizona Blonde which was just hatched and is doing amazing!! Can't wait to take the two hour drive to Ct. soon to visit, shop and talk Tarantulas!! AGAIN THANK YOU SO MUCH ANASTASIA, YOUR MY HERO ;-} !!! Quotes
Biggest fan!!!

Quotes I received my female B. Emelia today along with the freebie and I have to say that was the most flawless transaction and best packaging job I have ever had! Both T.'s appear healthy and are active already! Very satisfied customer here. I now know where my next one will come from! Thank you! Quotes
Candy Williams
Spider Geek

Quotes being a collector for many years now i have purchased from a number of breeders over time. Anastasia's stock and her professional personality are unparallelled in the the community. thank you. Quotes
fantastic animals

Quotes Anastasia Haroldsen is one of the best breeders i have ordered from! My P. Cancerides are growing very healthy and are great eater babies, now i'll be looking forward for some mature ones for some breeding projects such as the P. Antinous and S. Rubronitens, and guess what? Netbug is the first place i think of to purchase these species from! thanks Anastasia! Quotes
Jose Marroquin
Slings and others

Quotes I got an absolutely perfect adult female stirmi from Anastasia at the LI show back in October. Not a single NW at her booth was missing a hair! Thanks for a huge, healthy and gorgeous specimen! Quotes
Jordan Cooper
Gorgeous Theraphosa stirmi

Quotes Without hesitation, if you want a healthy and a sexed Tarantula, you have found the best breeder available... Questions answered in a timely and holistic fashion.. Delivery is always precise. My purchases have arrived in spectacular health. Anastasia thank you thank you thank you "People like you who bring sunshine into the lives of others can't keep it from themselves" Respectfully Robert Quotes
The best Tarantula Breder

Quotes Just finished rehousing healthy, happy, lil slings and now I'm the happy one! Quotes

Quotes I just received my B. Albiceps along with some roaches and a chaco gold knee and I'm really happy with the great conditions they're in. Quotes
Very satisfied

Quotes I've purchased about 14 Ts from Anastasia. All super fine spiders. She was super helpful in the selection of the ones I was interested in. Very friendly and honest. If your looking for top notch Ts , shopping here is a great chose. Quotes
Anastasia is the best!!

Quotes I am a repeat customer of Anastasia's. I was looking to add a Eupalaestrus campestratus to my growing collection. I contacted her and she had exactly what I was looking for. The beautiful specimen just arrived this morning and she is every bit as gorgeous as I thought she'd be and in perfect condition. As usual the packaging was extremely professional and it was obvious that every detail was performed to make the arrival completely safe for my new addition. Thanks to Anastasia, this was another .·:*¨:¨*:·. Perfect .·:*¨:¨*:·. Net-Bug .·:*¨:¨*:·. Transaction ! .·:*¨:¨*:·. ~ Jay Parrulli Quotes
Jay Parrulli
Perfetly Satisfied Repeat Customer
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