My Dear customers, I would like to thank you! I highly value your business and even more, your support with my captive breeding efforts!

Please, if you like to share with your experience, I would greatly appreciate it.

Quotes Great customer service!! Everyone arrived on time and alive!! Packing was great! Shipping was fast couldn't ask for more! Thanks ANA!!! Quotes

Quotes I don't know how she does it but Anna's stuff is always a cut above. The color and quality that she produces is just better. And Anna's packing is unique and unparalleled. I'll forever buy from Anastasia. Quotes
Simply The Best

Quotes The packing was excellent, the shipping prompt, and the price was great. I would definitely do business again. All Arrived safe and sound Quotes
Austin Banks
100% excellent

Quotes I received my order yesterday, and despite a storm delaying the shipment, everything arrived alive. I just fed them and everybody ate and several have gotten to work webbing up their enclosures. I truly believe that the meticulous care taken in packing these animals is what saved them during a delayed January shipment to Montana. I fully intend to do business again in the future. Sincerest thanks, Devon Quotes
Devon Caballero
Quite Pleased

Quotes Well, the service I received from Anastasia at Net-Bug.net was so great that I wasted no time ordering from her again. I really appreciate Anastasia's concern with checking weather conditions before deciding to ship. My Grammostola female arrived in really great shape and is very lively and alert. Thank you Anastasia for all your excellent work in helping me increase my collection with healthy and beautiful specimens. Quotes
Jay Parrulli

Quotes The Tarantula Has Landed! I just want to say THANK YOU to Anastasia for the Perfect Tarantula Transaction. I researched more than several options online, as I'd never before purchased a specimen via long distance delivery and for some reason, I kept being drawn to Net-Bug. I'm very glad I did because Anastasia was super-professional and an excellent and timely communicator. (and she patiently put up with all my pre-order questions) The B. emilia is a beauty, the packaging was done with great care and the little girl arrived in perfect condition. Thank you Anastasia. I'll be a returning customer for sure! - Jay Parrulli Quotes
Jay Parrulli
Extremely Satisfied Customer

Quotes I received an overnight order today due to the weather and I was not disappointed. My 3" female P. antinous is a real beauty. She has already claimed a PVC pipe as her home. Also received a G. pulchripes sling. Her communications have all been very prompt and her manner friendly and professional. Packing was superb, with free heat pack warming the spiders nicely. I highly recommend Anastasia (Net-Bug) for a wide selection of spiders, many sexed at competitive prices! Quotes
C. Anthony Bennett
Thoroughly Satisfied...

Quotes I received my cobalt blue sling in the mail today as an early christmas present and I couldn't have been happier! He/she was packaged so perfectly and safely, and looks healthy as ever! I will always purchase my future T's from Anastasia, whether it be online or at an expo. She provides great service and is always easy to reach. Thanks for making this process so easy Anastasia! Quotes
Lauren DeVito
Extremely Satisfied Mommy

Quotes I heard many good things about anastasia and when i met her in white plains i knew why because i asked if she could bring a chaco gold knee for me which she did and held it until i came she also helped me pick out things i needed since this was my first T and she also sexed the T for me because i wanted a female and when i was about to leave she asked if i wanted a free spiderling which i was more than happy to get now they are settling in and the Chaco is really friendly i will definitely buy from her again. Quotes
Ryan Devlin
Very happy

Quotes In 2010 when I met Anastasia at White Plains.................My son saw her with a full grown Brazillian Black. I had been afraid of spiders up till then................my 3 year old wanted a spider like the one she had..............so we came home with a little Black spiderling. Now we have 32 different spiders exclusively from Anastasia.............She know's her spiders and won't steer you wrong. Quotes
Dennis McNulty
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