My Dear customers, I would like to thank you! I highly value your business and even more, your support with my captive breeding efforts!

Please, if you like to share with your experience, I would greatly appreciate it.

Quotes I love this girl! I did not want my spiders going through the mail, and was able to arrange to pick them up. Was intending to get a female B emilia, and ended up also falling in love with a little B albiceps. Love these little guys so much! I will definitely be back when it's time to grow the family. : ) Quotes
Jen O'Connor
Happy spider mom

Quotes Thank you so much for getting the tarantulas out to me on such short notice! They arrived today in perfect condition. They look great, and the Pamphobeteus nigricolor pair are even larger than I expected! I won't hesitate to order from you again in the future. Thanks again, Quotes
Joshua Bahr

Quotes Thanks again, Anastasia! I'm truly excited about the babies. You've done an excellent job with them - your packaging was perfect, the s'lings are healthy, and they arrived right on time. I will for sure order from you again knowing that you have quality animals! Take care! Quotes
Cheryl Tyndall

Quotes I wanted to let you know that I just picked up the package - and both tarantulas are not only alive but looking great :) Very healthy and active despite their journey! I had no problems re-homing them into their new enclosures, although the versicolor wanted to wander around my bathtub instead :P Good thing I had a deli cup at the ready! I am extremely happy with both slings, and I just can't get over how cute the avic is!! Thank you so much - you made my first experience with ordering tarantulas online very rewarding and stress-free :) Quotes
Lindsay Berkowitz

Quotes Just wanted to let you know everybody arrived safely! :) Thanks so much for the excellent packaging job and lovely slings. Look forward to purchasing again soon. Quotes
Candy Raver

Quotes I have made several purchases from Anastasia and have been very pleased with the level of service & health/quality of the tarantulas. Every time I place an order, I get great communication, lightning fast shipping and received some awesome freebies too! I frequently recommend net-bug to fellow hobbyist without hesitation. Quotes
Steven Stamps

Quotes Every time I go to the reptile expo in White Plains, NY I wind up buying spiders from Anastasia.I am guaranteed to get advice that never fails, spiders in great health, and overall pleasant transactions. I am always recommending Net-bug to my spider friends. Wonderful seller! Quotes
Jana Finlay

Quotes Always high quality CB T's. I can always trust and rely on net-bug for my arachnid needs :) I definitely recommend them to friends interested in getting a new arachnid friend . Quotes
Robert Christian

Quotes Pretty much every time I have a new spider that I want, I come here to this site and chances are, Anastasia has it! She's fast, she's communicative, and so far every tarantula I've received has been healthy and happy. Awesome shop, awesome owner, awesome Ts, unless there's something that she absolutely does not have, I can't see any reason to shop anywhere else. :) Quotes
Frequent flyer

Quotes Hello, My name is Bear I met you at the hamburg show and picked up two B Smithi and a green bottle blue. ( Big bald guy with the little skinny guy) I just wanted to thank you again and to say how happy I am with my new baby's. I look forward to building my collection with your help. Thank you Quotes
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