My Dear customers, I would like to thank you! I highly value your business and even more, your support with my captive breeding efforts!

Please, if you like to share with your experience, I would greatly appreciate it.

Quotes The came in! They are in wonderful shape! The versi is adorable! Thank you so much! Hope to be ordering from you again in the near future!!! Quotes
Tabitha Thomas

Quotes The tarantulas i ordered from you (E.campestratus & C.cyaneopubescens) arrived safe and sound a couple hours ago, they are both stunning and appear to be in spectacular health (the first t's I've ever purchased that didn't go straight for the water dish once i put them in their enclosure). the packing was first rate as well. all in all I couldn't be happier with my order, will definitely recommend you to anyone in the hobby looking for a new addition, and look forward to doing future business with net-bug. thanks again! Jeff Quotes
Jeff Edwards

Quotes These people provide top notch customer service, both pre and post purchase. I had a spider escape from me about two weeks after I bought it from this website, and after searching the internet for tips on a tarantula hunting safari, I sent an email here to see if they had any suggestions. I got a reply within an hour or two, and I was cheerfully guided through the entire process of losing and eventually recovering my (understandably) expensive spider. I even made them refund my money (twice) when I went to buy a replacement right before she showed up in another room. I was a most difficult customer and I was never turned away. I got advice and perfect service through the purchase process. Nice folks, great products, support their business. Completely satisfied! Quotes
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