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Ephebopus cyanognathus / Blue fang


From the tropical rainforests of French Guyana comes this beautiful and unusual species. They are found in deep moist burrows on the forest floor, where they will often incorporate flora into the base of their burrow, providing them added shelter.  As with most species in this genus, they require moist soil and high humidity to do well in captivity.  This species is particularly noted for its bright blue chelicerae, giving them the common name blue fang.  Spiderlings are eyecandy and very colorful, they have orange/ red legs fading to a violet with noted yellow bands at the tips, as well as a bright golden/green abdomen; providing a striking colorful contrast.  As with most species in this genus, they can be considered fast and defensive. Theyare considered a medium species, reaching 4,5”.  If you are looking for an exotic colorful burrower, you won’t want to pass this one up. 



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