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Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens / Greenbottle Blue Female


aprox 4~5"  female. Sexed via molt and 100% guaranteed female

The C. cyaneopubescens is one of the most colorful tarantulas that you can get. This species comes from the dry scrublands of Venezuela and prefer to kept on the dry side; making them very hardy. They have iridescent blue legs, offset by a greenish gold carapace and an abdomen covered in bright orange hairs.  Additionally, spiderlings have unusual abdominal patterns.They are extremely active spiders and are also almost always visible, making them not only one of the most colorful, but also one of the best display tarantulas around. On top of all that,they are one of the biggest webbers, of all the tarantulas. In a matter of hours they can redecorate an enclosure in thick layers of webbing, which is strangely reminiscent of a true spider!  They are voracious eaters and almost never turn down food. No collection is complete without this one; reaching 5”+

Written by Neil Ray.

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