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Grammostola pulchripes / Chaco golden knee


3/4-1" spiderling, limited numbers!!

The G.pulchripes is one of the best beginner tarantulas around. They are extremely docile, very hardy, and dramatically colored. This is one of the few spiders out there that seem to crave attention, G.pulchripes always seem to be out in the open welcoming their keepers. Their gentle friendly disposition has madethem an icon in the hobby and when first imported they were originally thoughtto be a variant of the E.campestratus, pink zebra beauty.  In fact,  they can be found in the same Paraguay scrubland as the pink zebra, thus they can tolerate drier conditions. G.pulchripes have an appealing coloration that seems to dramatically increase with everymolt. They have light pink colored setae,complimented by golden striping on the legs, which gives them their common name. These are large impressive gentle giants, reaching over 7”.


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