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Cyriopagopus (ex Haplopelma) lividum / Cobalt blue //Buy 3 get 1 FREE


1/2"- 3/4" unsexed spiderlings just hatched @NETBUG

This beautiful deep burrowing species comes from thetropical rainforests of Thailand.  Likeall Haplopelma species they prefer to be kept on the humid side and requiremoist substrate to thrive.  They areconsidered a fossorial species, meaning they prefer to spend their time underground. If given enough substratethey will kelaborate burrows in captivity. This species is one of the more nervous species of the Haplopelma genus and must be allowed to burrow or it will become temperamental. Like all Haplopelma species they are considered aggressive/defensive and will defend their burrows. The lividium may appear lethargic, but could quickly spring to life in a threat posture, caution is recommended when doing enclosure maintenance. This is one of the most beautiful species in the genus, adults are an stunning electric blue. Get one of these beauties before there all gone, reaches over 5" as adults.


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