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Hapalopus sp. 'Pumpkin Patch' / Colombian Pumpkin Patch


From the temperate region of Columbia comes this unique and colorfuld warf species. There are two morphs ofthis species, distinguished by size, this is the larger morph reaching 3,5" as adults. Don't let their size fool you though, they have no problem tackling large prey and are a little on the defensive side.They are a relatively new and exciting rare species to the hobby. If there was an arachnid beauty contest, then this species would makethe top 10. They have a unique coloration of an overall tan color with beautiful orange pattern on a black abdomen with subtle hints of purple. They are considered extensive webbers and will decorate an enclosure in a short time in thick layers of silk. This is a beautiful species and a must for any collection, you won't regret getting one of these!


1/8-1/4" spiderlings

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