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Ceratogyrus darlingi / Rear Horn Baboon


3/4"+ spiderlings

The C. darlingi is a unique African species from the dry scrublands of Southern Africa; these beauties have a unique rear facing curved horns that are very pronounced on adult females. The horn may be used to store moisture for later use, as the African Savanna is very arid. This species is a colorful shade of green fading to a tan color with patterns on the abdomen, as well as a unique black coloration across the eyes, which resembles a mask that protrudes across the carapace. Like all Ceratogyrus species they are considered very fast and aggressive and will make hissing/stridulating noises if provoked. They are a very easy species to keep, just keep them on the dry side. Extensive webbing and deep burrows is seen in captivity. If you like African species,this is a must for your collection, reaching 5” as adults.


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