Breeding projects

just briefly about our projects, successful parings and  hatch outs 


Acanthoscurria geniculata





 Ephebopus cyanognathus

First hatchout of the year! We been very successful with this species and hatched over dozen sacs on the year of 2009

and up to 4 now in this year of 2010, Beautiful species, amazing colors, must have in any collection!





 Ephebopus murinus

We had a pleasure to hatch this species of Ephebopus Genus this year 2010 is well, 62 healthy spiderlings!



Ephebopus uatuman

Also been paired up and updates will follow

Ephebopus uatuman

Sac now been produced 

pictures coming soon


 Grammostola iheringi

First successful sac in US been produced here By Anastasia Haroldsen earlier this year 2010




Poecilotheria fasciata

Poecilotheria ornata

Poecilotheria pederseni 

Poecilotheria regalis 


Poecilotheria rufilata

Poecilotheria subfusca

Poecilotheria smithi


All been produced here in this past year of 2010

 pictures coming soon


Tapinauchenius subcaeruleus

First US production


Xenesthis intermedia

First successful sac production for this gorgeous species in US history, we got two females produced sac with in weeks from each other, both hatched, large leggy spiderlings over 2"